About Us

Hi friend,

My name is Karan, the owner and founder of Gadget Surface. I am a student but passionate about products related to technology such as smartphones, iPhones, MacBooks, iPad, Android tablets, Windows laptops, and much more.

I am currently studying in college but as I have said I am really very curious to know about the latest technologies and devices, so I have decided that I should start a website and I opened this tech community in January 2021 with aiming to provide valuable information to the users of Gadget Surface.

Gadget Surface is the place where users can get the latest and most valuable information, tech news, launch events news, press release, and tech tips.

What Will Users get From Gadget Surface?

  • Latest Tech News
  • Information on Hardware and Software technology
  • Latest News From most of the tech companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, FaceBook, and many more.

Our community is not only limited to this website, users can join us to get quick updates by following us on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and YouTube as well.

I want to thank you to visit this website and welcome you to be a part of this small tech family.

Your new friend,