20th Anniversary of Revolutionary iMac G4

7 January 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Apple unveiling the revolutionary iMac G4 featuring a floating display, a flat-panel design, and powered by G4 processor.

The ground-breaking iMac G4 was originally introduced on 7 January 2002 with a stunning flat LCD display, a unique computer structure, mounted on an adjustable arm, and a hemisphere base containing the computer’s internal and essential components.

At that time, it was the all-in-one and best-in-class computer innovatively designed to move around freely. During the official announcement of the iMac G4, Apple’s former CEO said,

“The new iMac ushers in the age of flat-screen computing for everyone. The CRT display is now officially dead. And with its powerful G4 processor and SuperDrive, everyone can now affordably create and burn their own custom DVDs and CDs.”

When it comes to the primary specifications of the ultimate computer, it had a 15-inch display, equipped with a powerful 700 MHz or 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processor, Apple’s revolutionary SuperDrive for playing and burning CDs and DVDs, up to 1GB RAM, maximum of 60GB hard drive storage, two FireWire ports, and five USB ports.

And sometime around the fall of 2003, Apple’s announced a new 17-inch and 20-inch screen size option for the absolute Mac machine and discontinued on 31st August 2004.

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