24 years ago, Apple started selling its first ever iMac

On this day in 1998, Apple had started selling its revolutionary first ever iMac, which was the most important and major introduction after the “Macintosh” in 1984.

In the keynote event on May 6, 1998, Steve Jobs officially introduce the first ever iMac and described as “The excitement of the internet. The simplicity of Macintosh.”

The original iMac featured a 15-inch display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, powered by G3/233 processor, 32MB RAM, 4GB internal disk storage, a Ethernet port, two USB ports.

Uniquely, for the first time, it came in a translucent design that allowed people to see internal components of the machine and multiple colors. It also included stereo speakers for amazing surround sound.

Inspiring with the first ever iMac, the latest iMac with the breakthrough M1 chip was introduced by Apple in April 2022 with a selection of beautiful colors.

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