Apple Revealed App Store Awards 2021 Winners

Today, on Thursday, December 2, Apple officially revealed the App Store Awards 2021 winners by awarding the 15 best apps and games for its outclass performance across the world.

This year’s best apps, games, and developers, all are selected by Apple’s global App Store editorial team through recognizing a unique design, innovative technology, exceptional quality, and impact on a culture in a positive way.

For this special App Store Awards 2021 winners revealing moment, Apple CEO Tim Cook said,

"The developers who won App Store Awards in 2021 harnessed their own drive and vision to deliver the best apps and games of the year — sparking the creativity and passion of millions of users around the world. From self-taught indie coders to inspiring leaders building global businesses, these standout developers innovated with Apple technology, with many helping to foster the profound sense of togetherness we needed this year."

App Store Awards 2021 Winners

App Store Apps of the Year on All Apple Devices
Apple DeviceAppDeveloper / Developer Team
iPhoneToca Life WorldToca Boca
MacCraftLuki Labs Limited
Apple WatchCARROT WeatherGrailr
App Store Games of the Year on All Apple Devices/Service
Apple Device/ServiceGameDeveloper / Developer Team
iPhoneLeague of Legends: Wild RiftRiot Games
iPadMARVEL Future RevolutionNetmarble Corporation
Apple TVSpace Marshals 3Pixelbite
Apple ArcadeFANTASIANMistwalker
Top Trend of the Year

Alongside the apps and games of the year, Apple also highlights the top 5 trending apps of 2021 on all Apple devices, known as “Connection,” which has an aim to discover the standout apps and games which really impacts people’s lives as well as bring people together in meaningful ways, and reaching their personal, social, and professional needs all across the world.

AppDeveloper / Developer Team
Among Us!InnerSloth
BumbleBumble Inc.
EatOkraAnthony Edwards Jr. and Janique Edwards
PeanutPeanut App Limited

For over a decade, Apple has truly respected the best apps and games at the end of every year. Last year, Apple designers started a new tradition to honor each and every winning developer team through meticulous craftsmanship with physical App Store awards, inspired by App Store’s signature blue with featuring the centered Apple logo made from 100% recycled aluminum used to make all premium Apple products along with engraving the winner name.

However, Apple hasn’t mentioned but this whole awarding process will be followed for all App Store Awards 2021 winners as well.

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