Apple Released the 2022 Supply Chain Report

On Wednesday, March 30, Apple officially released its 2022 Supply Chain Report alongside launching a $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund.

The fund for the company’s supplier employees will “expand access to learning opportunities and skills development” as it includes new and expanded collaborations with universities, leading rights advocates, and nonprofits.

It will also deliver the company’s ongoing work to empower supplier employees and make enhancements in precise information and respect for workplace rights across industries.

Apple’s 2022 Supply Chain Report is the 16th annual People and Environment in Supply Chain Report that provides in-depth details on how the company and its suppliers are “supporting people across the company’s supply chain, transitioning to clean energy, and investing in cutting-edge technologies.”

The new educational training and coursework will be available to supplier employees initially in the United States, China, India, and Vietnam, where there are Apple’s most of manufacturing plants have been working.

And by 2023, Apple is planning over 100,000 supplier employees to take a part in “new learning opportunities — from leadership training and technical certifications to classes on coding, robotics, and advanced manufacturing fundamentals, including green manufacturing.”

You can read about Apple’s 2022 Supply Chain Report on the company’s official press release.

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