Apple Celebrates 40 Years in France With Opening New Radio Studio

On November 10, Apple celebrated 40 years of its business completion in France by opening a new Apple Music radio studio.

Apple specifically highlighted in the French newsroom site its great 40 years business completion achievement by detailing the strong part of its intelligent artists, designers, and developers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said,

"France holds a special place in my heart. Every time I go there, I am inspired by this welcoming, dynamic and deeply creative community of artists and developers. I am delighted to celebrate 40 years of Apple in France with our local teams and the customers and communities they serve."

In 1981, Apple started its business in France with a small team but it has now 20 Apple Stores, around 500 suppliers, and 2,700 employees in this European country.

Beginning of 2019, Apple has collaboration with Simplon to start the Apple Foundation Program in France, which is primarily designed to help people who want to get a job by providing learnings, including technical skills and app development. And as a result, the company now provides almost 250,000 jobs just for iOS across the country.

Moreover, for the celebration, Apple presented and open an all-new Apple Music radio studio in Paris, the capital city of France located on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, where people will be welcomed by musicians Mehdi Maïzi and T-Miss, the biggest names in the French music industry.

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