Apple Acquired Classical Music Streaming Service “Primephonic”

On Monday, 30th August, Apple announced to acquire the classical music streaming service “Primephonic” and planning to launch a dedicated classical Apple Music app.

Primephonic delivers an excellent music listening experience with easy-to-use search and browsing functionalities as well as relevant recommendations and related information and recordings. Primephonic has also published its own article about its new chapter to join with Apple Music.

Apple Music subscribers will be able to enjoy an improved classical music experience with the Primephonic purchase with the multiple Primephonic playlists and audio content.

Apple said the company will deliver a specific Primephonic experience with enhanced search capabilities and enhanced browsing by songster, repertoire, superior classical metadata, and more.

The classical music service Primephonic has already been removed from App Store and for the current subscribers, it will no longer be available for accessing the music streaming from 7th September.

However, the existing Primphonic subscribers will get access to six months of Apple Music streaming service for free that includes thousands of classical and even other types of music content, audio album, and multiple playlists with the support of industry-leading Lossless and Spatial Audio.

The next year, Apple will launch the dedicated classical music app that would unification of the classical user interface of Primphonic and more utilizable features Apple Music, the company said.

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