Apple Acquires AI Music Company that Develop Soundtracks Using Artificial Intelligent

On Monday, 7th February, Apple has acquired AI Music that was utilizing artificial intelligence to create personalized and dynamic soundtracks.

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, after high anticipation for a long time, the Cupertino company has now finally acquired the UK-based startup and the entire acquisition process was completed in recent weeks.

The primary aim of AI Music was to develop an “Infinite Music Engine” to create the best possible audio solutions for publishers, marketers, fitness trainers, professionals, and creative agencies.

Using the most advanced AI technologies, the company was able to dynamic soundtracks, which were royalty-free and can change based on user interaction in real-time. For example, adjusting a music tone during different types of workouts.

However the company’s office has now been taken down, you can still view it through web cache versions. Before the acquisition, AI Music had around two dozen employees, the publication notes.

As there is no comment from Apple about the acquisition as of now, the paid amount to the startup based in the United Kingdom still remains unclear. Apple will plan to integrate this finest AI Music technology in multiple ways into their world-class hardware and software technologies.

In August 2021, Apple acquired Primephonic, which was a classical music streaming service and Apple has also officially confirmed to introduce a dedicated classical Apple Music app.

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