Apple Moves Apple Cash from Discover to Visa Network

Apple is now working on moving its virtual debit card – Apple Cash from Discover to the Visa network, which is revealed on Apple’s official website.

The new major change is first noted by Twitter user Kanjo. Since its started accessible to users, the operations of Apple Cash have been managed in collaboration with Green Dot Bank on the Discover network, which is one of the smaller card networks that is accepted at a very limited number of destinations as compared to Visa and MasterCard with a heavy use case.

It is currently unclear whether Apple will imminently implement the primary new transition for all of its virtual debit card customers from Discover but the new Apple virtual debit card account is now being created with the Visa network.

If you currently have the Apple virtual debit account with Discover, you just need to deactivate it in the Settings, and then, reactivating it again, it will now generate a new Apple Cash account number on the Visa network.

Completely different from Apple Card, Apple Cash is identical to a debit card (without a physical card), allowing users to easily send and receive through Apple Pay and the Messages app.

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