Apple Developer Center Opens Ahead of WWDC22

Just a day ahead of taking placing the WWDC22 event, the brand new Apple Developer Center is now open exclusively for developers to get a brief look.

The company hosted the first gathering for the opening of the Apple Developer Center, which is located at the Apple Park, where attendees were greeted with coffee and donuts, and staff welcome people on the first floor of the building by waving and cheering alongside following strict health rules.

Several visitors shared their amazing experience of experiencing a beautifully designed Apple Developer Center, which is a developer-focused technological place for the very first time.

An author and developer Paul Hudson take a tour of a selection of rooms, which are named in macOS platforms, including Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and El Capitan. Paul describes the new rooms as “An Apple Store just for developers.”

Guests also received some exclusive Apple merchandise, including a Swift cap, an Apple water bottle, and a tote bag. Visitors were also taken to the theatre, where the presentations will showcase at 10AM PT on June 6.

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