Apple Maps Includes Cycling Directions for Users in Chicago, Detroit, and more Cities

Cycling Directions is one of the features that were announced with iOS 14 in WWDC 2020 and Apple is now quietly rolling out these helpful features in the US.

According to Justin O’Beirne (via 9to5Mac), the new update was quietly rolling out to users starting April 15 and the cycling directions in Apple Maps are now accessible for iPhone users in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Charleston.

Alongside the best bike routes, Apple also allows previewing of in-depth details, including elevation, road traffic as well as avoiding routes with hills. These useful bike features are already available in California, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and China mainland.

As noted by O’Beirne, the cycling directions have already been expanded to a number of cities in the northeast part of the United States at the beginning of this month.

Moreover, Apple Maps enthusiast Justin O’Beirne also suggests that Texas and the Gulf Coast will be the next areas where iPhone users will be able to access the new Apple Maps features.

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