Apple celebrates 100 million songs achievement on Apple Music

Apple is celebrating its major achievement of the completion of 100 million songs on Apple Music after seven years since the sserivce was officially launched.

Apple said the company had started from 1000 songs on iTunes and the original iPod introduced 21 years ago and now, reaches 100 million, which is extraordinary growth by any metric.

Today, any artist can write and record a song and released for people all over the world to make the global catalog of Apple Music even better and 100 million songs completion is the best evidence.

Every day, over 20,000 singers and songwriters are delivering new songs to Apple Music — songs that make our catalog even better than it was the day before. One hundred million songs is evidence of a more democratic space, where anyone, even a new artist making music out of their bedroom, can have the next big hit.

Apple Music provides a great opportunity to music creators to express their to the world by making beautiful songs, playlist, and libraries and it will definitely continue to grow even further, Apple explains.

You can know more this company’s one of the most memorable moments in the official press release.

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