Apple Becomes World’s Most Profitable Company

Apple now becomes the most profitable in the world and in terms of revenue, positioned at the sixth place in Fortune Global 500 companies.

It is reported that Apple’s revenue is $274.515 billion and $57.411 billion in profit this year that was increased from last year when the reported revenue of the company was $260.174 billion and the profit of $55.256 billion.

It is also speculated that Apple now has approximately 147,000 employees, including 10,000 more employees adding this year.

According to the latest list of Fortune Global 500, the total revenue of the world’s biggest companies has gone down 4.8% to $31.7 trillion that is almost equal to one-third of global GDP. Walmart becomes the world’s largest company for continues 8 years.

Apple is now the world’s most profitable company but is currently placed at the sixth position in terms of revenue. Apple is behind Walmart, State Grid, Amazon, China National Petroleum, and Sinopec Group.

In 2013, Apple was ranked in the top 20 in the Fortune Global 500 list of companies. And in June 2021, Apple ranked at the third position among the largest companies in the United States in the list of Fortune 500.

Recently, Apple announced its financial results of fiscal Q3 2021, and the company reported a record-high revenue of $81.4 billion and $21.7 billion in net quarterly income.

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