Apple Pay is Now Officially Available in Moldova

Starting today, the Cupertino company’s fast, secure, and easy to use payment service – Apple Pay is now available to access for people in Moldova.

As of now, the support for Apple Pay is now accessible to customers with a limited number of banks in the country, including Moldinconbank, Victoriabank, and maib. It will be available to more banks in the country coming soon.

Apple has also added Moldova to the list of countries and regions where Apple Pay is available for customers.

How to Setup Apple Pay for Moldinconbank Customers?

First of all, Moldinconbank customers must have Visa or Mastercard issued by the bank as well as an active and updated MICM Mobile Banking services app, where you will see the option to enable Apple Pay and add your card to Apple Wallet.

How to Setup Apple Pay for maib Customers?

maib cardholders must have installed the latest update of the MAIBank app from the App Store. Once done, tap the Apple Pay button and carefully follow the onscreen instructions to add your Visa or MasterCard to your Apple Wallet.

How to Setup Apple Pay for Victoriabank Customers?

Victoriabank customers will have to download the latest version of the VB24 app from Apple’s App Store and add their legally issued Visa or MasterCard to Apple Wallet.

Moldova now joins some South American countries where Apple’s fast and secure payment service is officially available to use, including recently confirmed countries, Argentina and Peru.

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