Apple TV announces new “Underrated” Apple Original documentary film about NBA superstar Stephen Curry

Apple TV officially announced the new Apple Original documentary film — “Underrated,” featuring a break out stroy of NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

The documentary features Stephen Curry’s record-shattering and his game-changing playing style that turned him from an overlooked prospect to an NBA legend,” Apple describes.

The new “Underrated” docuseries stars an iconic actor Val Kilmer and a singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, who is also featured in the second season of the Emmy Award-nominated design docuseries “Home.”

The new Apple Original Film is Peter Nick’s, produced by Ryan Coogler, Stephen Curry, and Erick Peyton, and executive produced by Sev Ohanian and Zinzi Coogler while Jenelle Lindsay serves co-executive producer.

The new Apple Original “Underrated” documentary about the NBA superstar Stephen Curry is currently unclear. You can know more about the series in the official press release.

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