For the first time, Apple relocating Mac and Apple Watch production to Vietnam

For the first time in the history of Apple, the company is relocating the production of the Mac and Apple Watch to Vietnam considering ongoing diversified supply chain thinking.

According to the recent report from Nikkei Asia, one of Apple’s major suppliers Luxshare has started the trial production of selected Apple Watch and MacBook models in Vietnam.

The major step forward taken by the company regarding the ongoing supply chain constraints makes sense as Apple is already producing certain iPad and AirPods models in the country.

The report also mentions that Apple is also looking forward to shifting the HomePod production to Vietnam. However, due to the pandemic disruptions, the trial production of MacBooks is progressing at a slower pace.

Moreover, as per some earlier reports, the company is also seriously planning to expand its production plans in India by manufacturing some iPad and Mac models as well rather than just iPhones.

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