Apple Watch Digital Crown Probably Replacing With Optical Sensor

The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is one of the most primary hardware technologies to navigate watchOS but it might be replaced with Optical Sensor.

Since the first-ever Apple Watch officially launched in April 2015, the Digital Crown is continuously providing a satisfying navigating experience without having to touch the screen all the time. However, Apple is now looking for its entire replacement with Optical sensors and controls.

According to the recent report of Patently Apple, this week, the US Patent & Trademark Office shared a new patent from the company which showcases how the Digital Crown substitution Optical Sensor can recognize user’s gestures, including motion, position, orientation, speed, acceleration, contact, and proximity.

The patent titled “Watch with an optical sensor for user input” displays how new sensors can be useful for users to easily scroll through the interface and to make less the number of moving parts with the complete elimination of Digital Crown from the Apple Watch.

The Optical sensors functionality is precisely able to identify the gestures made by human fingers to convert them into system controls.

The substitution of the Digital Crown will not just allow Apple to enhance the durability of the Apple Watch, it will also free up space to place other components, including new sensors or even a larger battery.

As per the patent, like the Digital Crown, the new optical sensors will also let users measure heart rate, blood oxygenation level, blood pressure, breathing rate, and more which follows rumors said that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 would be kind of a health-focused Apple Watch with including blood pressure monitoring.

Notes that it is not confirmed that every new change shown in the patent would be surely implemented on the actual product. Apple may launch a completely different Apple Watch or possibly reserve it for the following year.

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