Apple’s new “Hard Knocks” video showcases Apple Watch Series 7 incredible durability

On 1st July, Apple published a new 1-minute “Hard Knocks” video for showing the incredible durability of its latest Apple Watch Series 7.

In a new video, several sportspersons sometimes intentionally or accidentally test out how the Apple Watch Series 7 survives despite being impacted by multiple weather conditions, liquids, and hard falls.

The Apple Watch remains in its greatest condition despite a swimmer taking it into a pool from a height for diving, a person running to catch a bus and his wrist caught in the door, and a person falling it while ice skating.

A minute and 38 seconds “Hard Knocks” video lastly read “The most durable Apple Watch ever,” features music “Power of My Love” is now available to listen to on Apple Music.

Furthermore, Apple is also planning to introduce the newer iPhone-styled and sports-focused Apple Watch Series 8 with much more improved protection and resistance.

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