Black Unity Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch Now Available Globally

Starting today, Apple makes available its special-edition Black Unity Braided Solo Loop to make a purchase for the newest larger-screened Apple Watch Series 7.

The newest-edition Afrofuturism-inspired Apple Watch band and Black Unity Lights watch face was introduced by the company on 26th January this year to celebrate Black History Month and now, it can be purchased by customers in most countries, including the United States.

Designed using 2D ray tracing, a technology never before implemented for a watch face. Each pixel on the screen simulates the light and shadow falling across it and the movement of the clock hands simultaneously reveal and hide the light, changing dynamically throughout the day.

Apple’s Black Unity Braided Solo Loop is now available to purchase from the company’s online store, Apple Store app, and selected Apple Store locations at $99 pricing.

Apple’s all Braided Solo Loop is designed for a precise fit with no clasps or buckles and comes in nine different sizes that can be checked by a measuring tool available on Apple’s website.

Recognizing February as Black History Month, Apple is honoring the memorable and special occasion by featuring Black voices and contests in special content across its services, including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple Books, the Apple TV app, and more.

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