Sealed pack original first ever iPhone sold for $39340 at auction

The revolutionary, original first ever iPhone in the sealed pack condition is sold for $39,340 at LCG Auction Fall 2022 Premier Event.

It seems pretty rare that the 1st generation, original iPhone is still available in the sealed pack box as there are now 15 years have been surpassed since its launch.

LCG (Legacy Collectibles Group) is one of the most popular national auction houses located in Covington, Louisiana, USA, which specialized in holding auctions for collectibles of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

The factory-sealed iPhone was an 8GB storage model featuring a 2MP rear camera and available in “exceptional condition” with all the labels,

The amount is notably increased as the same sealed pack first ever iPhone was sold for $35,000 at RR Auction in August and at the same time, the first-generation iPod was sold for $25,000.

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