Apple Encourages Indian Users to “Switch to iPhone”

Apple is now encouraging people of the Indian subcontinent to with a tagline “Switch to iPhone” with explaining several reasons that came from Indian iPhone users.

In the new “Switch to iPhone” short film, Apple showcases the experiences of Indian switchers switching from Android in terms of each and every perspective through beautiful animated Memojis, including camera quality, durability, more control over your smartphone’s data, gaming performance, and longer battery life.

"My earlier smartphone... like, what is this? My memories are blurred away! Now with the iPhone, if I compare the camera quality, it's great. I'm always looking pretty in my pictures then," Anukriti S. from Delhi.
"So on my old phone, I used to use it very, very, very, very carefully. It was more like a baby. With iPhone, I am being careless, okay? I just throw it on my bed, it would fall down. I spilled the water, I spiller juice on it. It's giving me the freedom to be careless," Sultann P. from Bangalore.
"I still remember when I used my previous phone. I get all these notifications that it's been hacked. It was scary that some unknown person system has access my accounts. On my iPhone, I feel like I have control over the things that I can share," Nidhi N. from Bangalore.
"My sister and I, we call ourselves girl gamers. Visibly we could see differences between her phone and my iPhone. When you know hers is lagging like she'll press now but it will fire up a bullet 2 seconds later. My iPhone... the game functions smoothly, like never hangs, never lags. So yeah, my phone's better," Arshiya K. from Mumbai.
"I had to have pockets because I would have my old phone in one pocket and the power bank in one pocket and the charger in the middle. On my iPhone, it's got a powerful battery. I can go on and on," Tara B. from Delhi.

As India is one of the fastest-growing iPhone markets in recent years, which is the result of the Apple Online Store in the country opened in September 2022, Apple is now more and more focusing on Indian consumers for all of their products and services with a new “Switch to iPhone” campaign.

As per new feedback from Indians who are switching to iPhones, customers seem more interested in some older iPhones rather than the newest iPhone considering the value for money deals like iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2020).

Earlier last month, the Cupertino company has added new “Switching to iPhone” page in every iPhone section on its official website. And Apple has also already started hiring for its first-ever retail stores in the country.

You can know more about how it’s so easy to switch to iPhone on the company’s official India website.

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