iOS 16 Brings All-New Lock Screen and Notification Experience

At this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference on June 6, Apple announced the newest iOS with notable new features Lock Screen and Notifications in iOS 16.

The new iPhone operating system offers an incredible set of new personalized, beautiful, and helpful features for the Lock Screen and notifications on the iPhone in an entirely new look.

Lock Screen in iOS 16

With the latest iOS, Apple is bringing the biggest update ever to the Lock Screen, completely reimagining how it looks and works for you.

You can now personalize the lock screen on the iPhone by just pressing and holding, swiping through different styles that automatically change the color filter, background, and font for the time.

You can also customize everything by tapping any element on the lock screen to edit it further, like font faces and colors as well as allowing to put widgets, including temperature, activity rings, and calendar.

There is also a brand new Wallpaper Gallery, which showcases a bunch of options for inspiration and plenty of choices from there with so much room for personalization and millions of combinations. Photo Shuffle allows setting photos to shuffle through a day while Suggest Photos intelligently curated the personal library.

For developers, WidgetKit makes it quick and easy to put glanceable information from their apps as well.


Apple also rethought how notifications appear on the lock screen by now roll in from the bottom as you receive them and also the functionality to hide them throughout the day.

The new Live Activities makes it easier to stay on top of things when you receive a bunch of notifications at the same time. For developers, starting an update to iOS 16 later this year, they can use Live Activities API to create compact and glanceable experiences.

Live Activities now also playing music controls expand to a full-screen view that celebrates album art while you listen along.

You can more about the newly-unveiled Lock Screen and Notification features with iOS 16 on the company’s official website.

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