Focus and Messages Includes Even More Helpful Features in iOS 16

Apple’s new-released the next version of the best mobile operating system now includes a number of new incredibly helpful features in Focus and Messages.

Focus on Apple devices is a great way to stay focused on what really matters at the moment, including Work, Personal, and Sleep, while Messages are by bar the best way to stay connected with friends, family, and loved ones. And with the iOS 16, Apple makes these capabilities even better as well as includes some incredible new features as well.


Focus has helped to reduce distractions and stay in the moment and this year, Apple is extending Focus to the iPhone lock screen so your choice of a photo and widgets can all be tied to a particular Focus.

You can also have a dedicated one for when you’re in a Work Focus, with widgets showing the upcoming meetings or to-do list and you can activate Personal Focus with just a swipe. All of the corresponding notification settings apply and it extends to the home screen too.

Focus can now also carry into the apps themselves with Focus Filters, which let you filter out distracting content. For example, instead of seeing all of the websites, you can turn on the Work Focus filter and see only tabs that relate to work.

This same thing also works with conversations in Messages, accounts in Mail, and events in the Calendar. For developers, there is a new Focus Filter API so they can help you focus on their apps as well.


Apple is now adding three more highly-requested features to Messages. First, you can edit any message you just sent. Second, you can now undo send so you immediately recall a recent misfire. And last but not the least, you can now mark any thread as unread, which is a perfect tool if don’t have time to respond at the moment and want to be sure to back to a message later.

You can more about the newly-released Focus and Messages features with iOS 16 on the company’s official website.

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