Apple Shifts Some iPad Production from China to Vietnam

Apple is now reportedly shifting the production of some of the iPad models from China to Vietnam to beat supply chain problems and to meet high demands.

According to the recent report from Nikkei Asia, Apple is “for the first time” moving away from some iPad Production to Vietnam from China to overcome supply chain constraints.

This major step forward is taken by the company as production and supply disruption caused by mass factory closures continuing due to COVID-19 lockdowns, while more than half of Apple suppliers are affected around the Shanghai region.

The publication also claims that along with this move, Apple is also working with a China-based BYD company to open its iPad production lines in Vietnam, which is expected to open soon with initially manufacturing only a small number of iPads.

Furthermore, Apple is also looking for its component suppliers to build up their stock inventories to fight against shortages and supply issues in the future.

Lastly, some unknown sources told the publication the company also looking for suppliers to produce processors for the iPhone 14 lineup introduced in September.

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