Apple to begin iPhone 14 production in India from November

Apple is now reportedly planning to begin the production of its upcoming non-Pro iPhone 14 models in India sometime around November this year.

According to the recent report from Bloomberg, Apple will be starting assembling the flagship iPhone 14 in India two months after the official launch in September, most speculated in November.

Apple usually begins the production of its new iPhones in the Indian subcontinent six to nine months after being announced, however, the plan seems to be different considering strict lockdowns in China as well as clashes with the US government.

Apple supplier Foxconn is currently reportedly focusing on the process of shipping components from China and assembling the iPhone 14 devices at its manufacturing plant in Chennai, India.

However, Apple is also concerned about the Indian customs officials as they oftentimes unseal packages to check whether imported components match their requirements, which may cause a major problem in product secrecy.

Apple is now strongly speculated to announce the 2022 iPhone lineup, including the all-new 6.7-inch non-Pro Max model alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 on September 7.

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