iPhone 14 Pro to Feature 48MP Primary Wide Angle Lens With Adaptive Image Quality

Apple is planning to feature a 48-megapixel primary wide-angle lens on its next year’s high-end iPhone 14 Pro models that will have the ability to provide adaptive image quality.

Today, in a research note with TF International Securities (obtained by MacRumors), analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the significant camera upgrades on the upcoming year’s Pro iPhone cameras will increase the overall revenue, market share, and profit of Taiwan-based optical products company ‘Largan Precision.’

Ming-Chi Kuo also asserted that however, the 48MP main camera will not be only implemented by the company on the non-pro iPhone models, meaning it would be specifically limited to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to maintain a major camera difference between Pro and non-pro models.

While the existing iPhone 13 Pro models have a barrier of up to 4K quality, the next-generation Pro iPhones’ camera would be capable of up to 8K video recording, which will also be appropriate for Apple’s AR/VR headset that is currently expected to launch forthcoming year.

Kuo also believes that iPhone 14 Pro models probably support both 48MP and 12MP output that we can call ‘adaptive image quality,’ which allows capturing 48MP pictures in a bright light while providing 12MP shots in low-light conditions to preserve quality using pixel-binning technology.

When it comes to another major part of the next year’s iPhones, Samsung can major role in significant display design change on all models of the 2022 iPhone lineup. However, the launch date even expected timing is still completely unclear.

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