iPhone 14 Pro – Meet the entirely new face of the most innovative professional smartphone ever

Today, at the special Apple Event, Apple takes all of its latest and greatest hardware and software technologies “Far out,” including the all-new iPhone 14 Pro.

The brand new “Pro” iPhone is entirely reimagined and reengineered to provide the all-new, unique, and attractive face of the world’s all-time first-preferred professional smartphone.

Alongside the new flagship models, Apple also introduced the non-Pro iPhone 14 and for the first time, the brand new iPhone 14 Plus in the same 6.7-inch profile as the highest-end Pro Max.

All-time premium design

Apple’s new Pro iPhone models feature stunning, strong, and all-time premium surgical-grade stainless steel together with the company’s industry-leading durability aspects, including Ceramic Shield and water resistance.

The iPhone 14 Pro is available to complement your office, satisfaction, and peace of mind in Gold, Silver, a stunning Space Black, and a gorgeous new Deep Purple.

It debuts with a whole new front profile, especially for the TrueDepth camera and Face ID in a new, unique, and long-rumored pill-shaped pattern. For the first time, Apple puts the proximity sensor behind the display, which brings an astonishing new way to how your interact with your iPhone.

There is a new space to clearly surfaces alerts and background activity in rich and delightful ways through exclusive hardware and software technologies and Apple is calling it “Dynamic Island.”

Dynamic Island – something totally truly magical to experience

It’s a highly adaptive space specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro so that it can fluidly expand into different, multiple, and independent shapes using uniquely crafted animations and transitions.

iPhone 14 Pro - Dynamic Island
Image: Apple

Now, when you receive an alert, Dynamic Island automatically expands itself to notify you. To present the content and controls without distracting the app across the entire OS, it widely expands to show connection notifications like connecting AirPods, turning on/off mute, and putting on charge.

Along with this, it also displays background activity such as when you swipe to go to the home screen while playing a song, the Music app gracefully morphs into Dynamic Island and always stays active and visible. When you get a call, you now have easy controls without leaving the app you’re using.

These designs feel fluid, lively, and highly responsive as well as adapt to real-time important information like the next direction from the Maps app. It’s visible for ongoing activities too such as while using a timer. If your iPhone has more than one background activity, Dynamic Island is playfully bubbling out into two elements.

Beautiful ProMotion with incredibly new consistency

The new flagships have by far the best Pro display features. It comes in typical two sizes – a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max and now with even thinner borders as well as a more active area to use.

It provides a peak of 1600 nits of brightness while viewing HDR content, which makes it the same as the Pro Display XDR and for the time, the iPhone display can push up to a peak of 2000 nits during strong bright sunny days. It’s twice as bright as before and has the highest peak brightness of any smartphone.

iPhone 14 Pro - Always-On display
Image: Apple

Apple now sees the perfect time to introduce the “Always-On display” functionality alongside more personalized Lock Screen customization features on iOS 16. The display can now go as low as 1Hz with a new low-power mode and with the enhanced LTPO technology, it can now intelligently dim the entire Lock Screen.

As a result, users can view the time, widgets, and Live Actives without even touching their iPhone while customized Lock Screens with human faces precisely dim without losing their skin tones to continue to look great.

Power, it’s at its core

The newest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are equipped with Apple’s latest and greatest A16 Bionic chip. In fact, it is the most powerful processor ever on any smartphone.

This is Apple’s first chip built on a state-of-the-art 4-nanometer process and It has nearly 16 billion transistors for delivering even more performance with greater power efficiency. The A16 Bionic uses the CPU, GPU, ISP, and Neural Engine to perform up to 4 trillion operations per photo.

iPhone 14 Pro - A16 Bionic
Image: Apple

The new 6-core CPU utilizes the best-in-class fusion architecture for enabling leading performance and efficiency, where 2 high-performance cores use 20% less power compared to its predecessor while most of the daily can be easily handled by 4 high-efficiency cores to deliver an amazing battery life with extreme responsiveness.

The 5-core GPU with 50% more memory bandwidth is great for graphics-intensive tasks and the 16-core Neural Engine is capable of doing 17 trillion transistors per second, which helps to enhance iPhone’s advanced computational photography.

Safety features hope you never have to use it

Car Detection

Considering the worst accident situations through a car crash, Apple built an innovative new safety feature called “Crash Detection,” the latest iPhone models and the newest Apple Watch models can detect a severe car crash.

When a crash is detected, it immediately informs the emergency services by providing your location and notifying your emergency contacts. The new Apple-designed advanced sensor algorithm delivers an accurate impact.

The new safety features have been tested for years studying vehicle impacts at state-of-the-art crash labs. Apple focused on four major severe crashes – front impact, side impact, rear-end collision, and rollovers.

The crashes can be detected in the most popular types of vehicles, like passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. It only works when you’re driving and processes data around the time of a possible crash entirely on-device for maintaining privacy.

Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite
Image: Apple
Emergency SOS via Satellite

To easily provide a cellular connection at some places where cell towers can’t be reached, Apple announced “Emergency SOS via Satellite, a new ground-breaking service for the iPhone.

The connectivity in crucial areas like winding back roads and mountain ridges can now be provided by communication satellites. As these satellites are far above the earth and fly at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour, Apple designed and built components and specific software so that the iPhone’s antennas can connect to the satellites’ unique features.

Apple also created a new unique user experience that shows you where to point your phone in order to establish a connection and stays connected even when the satellite moves. Then, you will be available to send receive enough information to get emergency help.

This new service will be available for free for two years with all models of the iPhone 14 lineup. It is set to launch in November and will be initially limited to customers specifically in the United States and Canada.

A new era of the iPhone photography

The iPhone 14 Pro introduces a brand new class of cameras with Apple’s largest 48MP quad-pixel sensor, which is 65% larger than on the iPhone 13 Pro, featuring the 2nd-generation OIS and 100% focus pixels.

The new sensor enables a new flexible approach to group every four pixels into one large quad-pixel by optimizing for light capture. Combined with the new Photonic Engine, the primary new camera provides 2x improved performance in low-light photos.

Apple also adds a new 2x Telephoto option with the three fixed focus lenses of the Pro camera system to capture beautiful shots, especially with fewer objects and/or subjects. The new sensor is also optimized to get in the detail in Apple ProRAW with now can be shot at 48MP resolution.

Taking an advantage of every pixel on the main camera, It further improves the detail and reduces noise with the newly-designed exclusive machine learning model. It also enables the extreme zoom-in capability to view each and every detail clearly.

The new larger 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens delivers 3x enhancements to photos in low-light conditions and leverages the performance of Macro Photography. With the new Photonic Engine, all of the cameras on the Pros get a dramatic improvement in night mode photos.

iPhone 14 Pro - Cameras
Image: Apple

Always on the top for cinema-grade videography

The iPhone is always the first choice for filmmakers for cinema-grade videography as it is the only smartphone capable of shooting in ProRes and the only device in the world with an end-to-end workflow in Dolby Vision HDR.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a new Action Mode to capture videos with the best stabilization and Cinematic Mode now supports 4K 30fps for even more detail. There is also an option for 4K 24fps, which is the cinematic standard.

Even with the industry-leading performance, new Pro camera system, and Always-On display, it still offers all-day, the longest battery life ever on iPhone.

Pricing and availability

With the incredible new and ground-breaking features, the iPhone 14 Pro still costs $999 and $1099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max for the base 128GB model and it goes up to a 1TB internal storage configuration.

The newest Pro models are available to pre-order starting Friday, September 9, and will start shipping to customers from Friday, September 16. You can know more on the official website.

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