iPhone 15 Pro Probably the First iPhone Without Physical SIM Card Slot

On December 25, a new incomplete rumor comes out that the 2023 high-end iPhone 15 Pro will be the first iPhone model without a physical SIM Card slot.

The latest iPhone 13 lineup models feature a physical SIM card slot and digital eSIM support as well as the ability to be working on dual eSIMa, while the recent rumor claims the iPhone 15 Pro models won’t be shipped with a physical, meaning it will only have the support digital SIM cards.

Currently, it is recommended to consider these rumors as a very slight pinch of salt as there are still around two years away from the iPhone 15 announcement, and we’re still expecting an entire redesign on the forthcoming iPhone 14 series models and in fact, even Apple’s cellular iPad variants have eSIM support.

However, it is possible that Apple probably launched a complete physical SIM-free iPhone in certain countries because it would be difficult to ship iPhones without a physical SIM Card slot in all countries like Hong Kong where the company still sells iPhones with two physical nano-SIM card slots.

A sketchy rumor comes from the Portugal website Blog do iPhone. Some previous leaks also suggest that future iPhones won’t have a lighting port and instead use only MagSafe for charging.

However, if these rumors prove to be accurate, it will significantly improve the durability as well as dust and water-resistant rating and allow to make Apple best in class hardware technologies.

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