iPhone 16 Pro Could be the First iPhone with Under Display Face ID and TrueDepth Camera

Apple will probably do remarkable enhancements in the future iPhone 16 Pro by implementing an under-display Face ID and the TrueDepth camera.

Today, an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a tweet that Apple is currently speculated to adopt an under-screen front camera alongside Face ID for high-end iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max in 2024.

By taking the step further, Kuo also believes Apple is working on that the major change should not negatively impact the quality of the front-facing camera and for which, Image Signal Processor (ISP) and accurate algorithm utilized for quality enhancements.

I think the real full-screen iPhone will come in 2024. High-end iPhones in 2024 would adopt an under-display front camera alongside the under-display Face ID. A low-light condition is detrimental to front camera quality, and ISP & algorithm are critical for quality improvements.

Earlier, Kuo suggested that the company’s upcoming most advanced technology in the history of Apple is “less of a technical issue” and probably more in marketing.

But now, he believes that the hardware and software could be a limiting factor and that’s why, Apple wants to develop the best-in-class and perfect under-display tech, for which Apple is known since the beginning.

When it comes to this year’s iPhones, Kuo expects that the notch will be replaced with pill-shaped and punch-hole cutouts for Face ID and TrueDepth camera specifically in iPhone 14 Pro models.

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