Apple Unveiled Limited Edition Beats Studio Buds to Celebrate Lunar New Year

On Monday, 27th December, Apple subsidiary Beats unveiled the limited-edition Beats Studio Buds for the special celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year is mostly celebrated in East Asian countries, especially in China, influenced by the Chinese calendar so Beats is now decided to give a new present to customers by launching the special edition of its Studio Buds.

Beats Studio Buds are already available in red but the special Lunar New Year edition was announced alongside beautiful gold strips featuring tiger print to make it a more prominent design.

The company officially announced in the Instagram post to make available the new Beats audio device in the stores starting 1st January 2022.

We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year with our special-edition Beats Studio Buds. As a tribute to the Year of the Tiger, the Buds feature an all-red design with gold tiger print accents. Out on January 1st!

Beats Studio Buds obtained an in-ear design identical to Apple’s AirPods Pro, comes with the Active Noise Cancelling functionality, replaceable ear tips, 8 hours battery life, compatible and fast pairing with both Android and iOS devices, and Class 1 Bluetooth support, meaning it can be able to operate a connected device at a distance of up to 300 feet.

While the company hasn’t mentioned the pricing, the limited edition is speculated to be the same $149 as the regular Beats Studio Buds, however, you can also head over to Amazon to get it at even less pricing.

The Beats Studio Buds Lunar New Year edition was introduced just after the official announcement of the limited edition AirTag and the special promotional offer to celebrate the Japanese New Year.

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