Mac Studio – Best in Class Mac Ever, With M1 Ultra

On Tuesday, March 8, at the special “Peek Performance” Spring Apple Event, Apple officially unleashed the all-new “Mac Studio,” an empower station for the studio setup.

Apple is now going to focus on the place where so many people create their life’s best work, the studio, where creators like designers, scientists, and developers change the world. Whether it’s in a home or an office, each studio is unique with customized with tools that complete the user’s workflow.

For many people, Mac plays a pivotal role in this space. With the transition to M1, Apple provided users with two great desktops, iMac and Mac mini. Yet, there are some users who want even more, so they can push the limits of their creativity. So Apple introduced “Mac Studio,” something totally new that gives users exactly what they need to build the studio of their dreams.

Mac Studio is a breakthrough in personal computing, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s the first computer to put outrages performance, extensive connectivity, and entirely new capabilities in a compact form that lives rights on your desk.

Stunning All-New Design

The exterior is machined from a single aluminum extrusion with a footprint of 7.7-inch square and a height of 3.7-inch and fits perfectly under most displays.

Inside, every element was designed to produce an unprecedented amount of performance in such a compact form factor. The innovative thermal system begins with a unique double-sided blower, pulling air into the system across the entire circumference of the perforated aluminum base.

The air moves over the custom circular power supply and through channels, precisely placed to guide it to the chip’s thermal module. Finally, the air is propelled through a low-impendence rear exhaust, containing over 2000 precisely-machined perforations.

And due to the efficiency of the M1 Max and M1 Ultra, the sound is so minimal and for most workloads, you will barely ever hear it.

Extensive Connectivity

With the compact and quiet system within arm’s reach, you get easy access to essential connectivity throughout the day.

On the back, there are four Thunderbolt 4 ports to connect displays and high-performance devices, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a pro audio jack for high-impedance headphones or external amplifiers, while WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 built-in as well.

Since many frequently connect and disconnect devices, like portable storage, Apple also puts connectivity on the front for even easier access. Systems with M1 Max have two USB-C ports, providing 10 Gigabits per second and USB-3 data transfer and with M1 Ultra, these ports are Thunderbolt 4 with up to 40 Gigabits per second data transfer speeds, and an SD card slot to easily import photos and videos.

Mac Studio offers extensive display support, for up to four Pro Display XDRs and a 4K TV, driving nearly 90 million pixels.

Outrageous Performance

When you compare Mac Studio to Apple’s most Mac desktops, the 27-inch iMac and Mac Pro, it takes performance to astonishing new heights.

For CPU performance, Mac Studio with M1 Max is up to 5x faster than the fastest 27-inch iMac and up to 50% faster than Mac Pro with a 16-core Xeon processor. GPU performance with M1 Max is up to 3.4x faster than the fastest graphics on the 27-inch iMac and even outperforms Mac Pro with 3x faster than its most popular graphics card.

The CPU performance on Mac Studio with M1 Ultra is up to 3.8x faster than the fastest 27-inch iMac and up to 90% faster than Mac Pro with 16-cores. Incredibly, the brand new Mac with M1 Ultra is up to 60% faster than Mac Pro 28-cores.

While the graphics performance on the most powerful computer with the fastest chip is remarkable 4.5x faster than the 27-inch iMac and even exceeds Mac Pro with up to 80% faster than its fastest graphics card.

With M1 Max, you can access up to 64GB of unified memory and with M1 Ultra, you get up to 128GB of unified memory for enormous graphics tasks.

When it comes to storage, the SSD in the powerful Mac delivers up to a superfast 7.4GB/s of performance and up to 8TB of capacity. Surprising, with M1 Ultra’s extraordinary power Media Engine, Mac Studio can play an unprecedented 18 streams of 8K ProRes 422 video. There is no other computer in the world that can do this.

For those looking for the most extreme performance, this best-in-class computer with M1 Ultra is 80% faster than the top-of-the-line Mac Pro.

Environment Commitments

It uses far less energy than competitors to deliver its extraordinary performance. Over the course of the year, Mac Studio will use up to 100 kilowatt-hours less energy than the high-end PC desktop. It is also free of numerous harmful substances and uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in the magnets and recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board.

Pricing and Availability

Mac Studio with M1 Max at $1999 and with M1 Ultra, it starts at $3999. Pre-orders are already started and the shipping will begin Friday, March 18.

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