Mir Cardholders Can No Longer Use Apple Pay in Russia

This week, Apple stopped working its fast and secure payment system – Apple Pay for Mir cardholders in Russia, closing an entire loophole continued service.

According to the report from Reuters, Mir cardholders had still remained connected to Apple Pay even though the company has restricted the use cases of the payment service for Russians since starting this month for Mastercard Visa cardholders.

On Thursday, March 24, Russia’s National Card Payment System (NSPK) confirmed that the working access of Mir cardholders with Apple Pay support will no longer be available in the coming days.

"Apple has informed NSPK it is suspending support for Mir cards in the Apple Pay payment service. Starting from March 24, users cannot add new Mir cards to the service. Apple will stop all operations of previously added cards over the next few days," NSPK said on Friday.

Apple Pay support for Mir, which is Russia’s national payment system, was begun accessible for citizens starting July 2021 with the support of 150 banks in the country.

Additionally, the Cupertino company has already stopped all products sales as well as the App Store and iTunes purchases in the country.

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