New “National Fitness Day 2022” Apple Watch Activity Challenge set for China

Today, Apple announced the new Apple Watch Activity Challenge to celebrate “National Fitness Day 2022”, especially for Apple Watch users in China.

In the National Fitness Day 2022 challenge, users must have done any exercise for at least 20 minutes on Monday, August 8, 2022, to avail of the special award, spotted by 9to5Mac.

After the completion of the activity challenge, users will be rewarded with some exclusive badges and stickers that can be used in a conversation on FaceTime and Messages.

On August 8, earn this award by doing any workout for at least 20 minutes. Record your time in the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Health.

Apple regularly announces the Apple Watch Activity Challenges on any special occasion or festival with an aim for people to stay healthy and fit using Apple Watch and Fitness+ service.

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