Apple Published New “Data Auction” Video to Highlight Strongest Privacy Features on iPhone

Today, Apple published a new “Data Auction” video with an aim to showcase the strong privacy features of the iPhone, including App Tracking Transparency.

The new short “Data Auction” video features a young woman named Ellie, who discovers that her personal data is selling at the auction, where people placed high bids on her iPhone’s emails, purchase history, location data, contacts, browsing history, and more.

Then, she suddenly realized some incredible privacy protection features and takes out her iPhone, and turn on App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection functionalities. Immediately, the auctioneer and bidders simultaneously vanish into the air.

App Tracking Transparency is Apple’s major privacy feature introduced on iPhone and iPad with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, which allows users whether the app can track their activity in order to serve personalized advertisements or share the information with data collectors.

Mail Privacy Protections was announced in WWDC 2021, which prevents email senders from being known the recipient’s email activity. For example, it disallows the user’s IP address and prohibits a sender from being able to see whether a recipient opened their emails or not.

Ultimately, Apple wants users to have deep a concern regarding their online privacy and protect their confidential data using Apple’s strongest privacy features while the “Data Auction” video is promoting the most popular beloved slogan “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

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