Optimized “Hit The Island” game for Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro now available

The new specialized version of a popular “Hit The Island” for the unique Dynamic Island approach on the iPhone 14 Pro models is now available to play.

As Apple is allowing third-party developers to take an advantage of the newly-designed front profile on the newest highest-end iPhone models, developers are now updating their apps and games with its official availability.

A few days ago, a developer behind the game Kriss Smolka shared a sneak peek at the optimized version of “Hit The Island”, especially for the iPhone 14 Pro models, and said it is currently under development.

Today, a developer confirmed the game is now available to play for all of the newest flagship iPhone users by installing the latest specialized version from the App Store. The game “Hit The Island” has a movable paddle at the bottom to send a ball up to Dynamic Island to earn points and it animates when it’s struck.

Apart from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, other iPhone users can play the game and earn points by hitting a ball to a notch instead of Dynamic Island.

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