“The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball” Documentary Now Streaming on Apple TV+

Apple’s video streaming platform is now officially globally premiering the new “The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball,” which is a truly inspiring documentary.

“The docuseries is an intimate look at Makur’s life as a student-athlete with a dream of making it to the NBA, while unexpected physical challenges and a global pandemic threaten his college career,” Apple describes.

"The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball" explores how his journey from fleeing war-torn South Sudan as a child and his tight-knit support system led him to go to an HBCU, and in turn, allowed him to make an impactful statement in the wake of America’s cultural response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The new five-part documentary series is an inspiring, coming-of-age story of the professional basketball player “Makur Maker,” showcases his groundbreaking performance in NBA by playing for Howard University.

The brand new documentary is executive produced by Gordon, Nikki Calabrese, Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Sarina Roma, Jordan Wynn, Luis Lopez, Julia Gunn, and Sony Pictures Television, and produced by Exhibit A and Boardwalk Pictures.

“The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball” is now available to watch on Apple’s video streaming platform in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K, eligible gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

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