The Mosquito Coast season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+

Apple’s streaming platform is now globally premiering the renewed acclaimed drama series The Mosquito Coast season 2, based on the novel by Paul Theroux.

“In season two, after barely escaping Mexico with their lives, the Foxes venture deep into the Guatemalan jungle to meet up with an old friend and her community of refugees,” Apple describes.

Allie Fox — a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist — uproots his family for a dangerous quest through Mexico to flee the U.S. government and find safety.

The Mosquito Coast season 2 drama and thriller stars Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman. The new season of the acclaimed series is developed by Neil Cross and Tom Bissell and produced by Fremantle Production for Apple TV+.

Directed by Metin Hüseyin, Alonso Alvarez, Marisol Adler, and Stefan Schwartz who also serves as an executive producer alongside Mark V. Olsen, Will Scheffer, Evan Katz, Rupert Wyatt, Paul Theroux, Justin Theroux, Alan Gasmer, Peter Jaysen, Bob Bookman, and Neil Cross.

The first episode of a 10-episode series is now available to watch on Apple’s streaming platform in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K, Xbox, PlayStation, and eligible smart TVs. One new episode will release every Friday a week.

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