Tim Cook Completed His 10 Years As CEO in World’s Most Valuable Company

Apple CEO Tim Cook on August 24 completed his 10 years of working as a Chief Executive Officer at the world’s most valuable company. (MacRumors reports)


On 24th August 2011, an innovative product designer and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of the company and officially declared Tim Cook as the new head of Apple.

And since then two months later, Steve Jobs was passed away due to pancreatic cancer and at that time, all the responsibilities and the future of the company had come upon the shoulders of Tim Cook. And people started thinking about whether he would be able to create a new vision for the future of Apple as Steve Jobs.

Just after a day Tim Cook became a new head of the company, he sent a letter to Apple employees and wrote despite Jobs no longer being available, “Apple is not going to change.”

First Apple Product Announced by Tim Cook

On 4th October 2011, the iPhone 4S was announced by Tim Cook but the development process had overseen by Steve Jobs. The iPhone 4S was the first device to be announced by Tim Cook as CEO a day before Steve Jobs’ death.

And on 25th September 2012, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 which was completely developed under the supervision of Tim Cook.

The iPhone 5 was the first proven as a major turning point in the history iPhone lineup that featured a significant redesign with an all-new thin design and larger display.

“One more thing” Keyphrase

In April 2015, Apple introduced its new watch product called “Apple Watch” in the “One more thing” announcement that keyphrase was used by Steve Jobs to introducing major revolutionary products.

Apple Watch was the first entirely new product for Apple and even the first new Apple product developed under the guidance of Tim Cook.

In another “One more thing” announcement on 3rd November 2017, that year was the 10th anniversary of Apple’s revolutionary product “iPhone,” and there, Apple unveiled its revolutionary device “iPhone X” that featured the biggest redesigned ever in the history of the iPhone and it had completely changed the smartphone industry all across the world.

Most Valuable Company

So, in the 10 years journey of Tim Cook in Apple as a Chief Executive has gone incredibly well where Apple released stunning new products and services.

From April 11, 1976, where Apple introduced its first computer “Apple 1” to its latest M1 Mac lineup, the 45 years of hard-working journey of Apple now resulting in the world’s first trillion-dollar and most valuable company.

Moreover, for the future, Tim Cook said he doesn’t expect to remain Apple’s Chief Executive for the next ten years but his effect on the company is definitely not done just as for now.

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