Twitter Released New ‘Sign in With Apple’ Option For iPhone and iPad

Twitter finally released the new ‘Sign in With Apple’ log-in option for worldwide users of iPhones and iPad.

Earlier this month, the feature was in the beta testing and development stage but almost after a month, Twitter finally released a useful feature for Apple devices users.

When you open Twitter to log in or sign up, you will see a new “Continue with Apple” option along with “Continue with Google,” or a specific button of “Create Account.”

Twitter Support officially announce by tweeted “Sign on with ease and start scrolling your timeline.”

iPhone and iPad users now are able to create a new account or log in on Twitter with their Apple IDs. They also can select to hide the correct email address from Twitter.

Create a new account or log in using Apple ID is too easy as confirming your Fingerprint or Face through Touch ID or Face ID. However, noted that you will still require to fill up a date of birth and other info as well.

The primary account names on Twitter will be generated based on a name in your Apple ID that can be changed later, but there are also some limitations to change it, so keep noted that.

It is difficult to change the profile name or the email address of the account because ‘Sign in with Apple’ hasn’t created a password.

Twitter said that the “Sign in with Apple” option soon be available on the web.

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