The testing of the Edit Tweet feature is now officially started

The world’s most popular micro-blogging is now officially announced to finally started the testing of its most-awaited Edit Tweet functionality.

The company has made an official announcement in a Tweet on its official account to begin allowing users to Edit Tweets to solve mistakes even after they’ve been posted.

The social media network also published a blog post written that the Edit Tweet is tested by the company’s team internally while it will be initially expanded to Twitter Blue subscribers later this month.

The new feature allows making changes to their Tweets such as fixing typos, adding missed tags, and more even after it’s been published. However, the posted Tweets will be available to edit a few times in 30 minutes after it’s been shared.

It will display with an icon, timestamp, and label so that users can clearly see that the original Tweet has been modified, and by tapping a label, people will be able to view the Tweet’s edit history or “past versions of the Tweet.”

According to Twitter, at first, the Edit Tweet feature will be localized to a single country in order to learn the way how people read, write, and engage with Tweets.

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