WhatsApp Launched End-to-End Encryption For Chat Backups

Today, Facebook-owned instant messaging social media platform finally launched end-to-end encryption security for WhatsApp chat backups in cloud storage.

On September 11, 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg officially announced in a Facebook post that another layer of privacy and security, end-to-end encryption security now added for WhatsApp chat backups that are stored in Google Drive and iCloud.

Facebook shared more information with TechCrunch that in the coming weeks, WhatsApp users will see a new option to generate a 64-digit encryption key to lock their chat backups in users’ selected cloud storage option.

Users can keep the encryption key in a password manager they want or also can create a password that backs up their encryption key in WhatsApp-developed cloud-based “back key vault.” WhatsApp will not be able to see users’ created passwords and without a password, even owners will not be able to access their chat backups.

The Facebook spokesperson said that when WhatsApp encrypted backup is created, the previous copies will be deleted automatically, so, users don’t need to take any action for it.

The new technical functionality to store WhatsApp chat backups with end-to-end encryption security in the cloud storage will be available for Android and iOS device users in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp now becomes the first global messaging service to deliver end-to-end encrypted messaging and backups functionalities and it was a very tough technical challenge that required a whole new structure for key and cloud storage across operating systems, Mark Zuckerburg said.

By publishing a security Whitepaper, WhatsApp describes all specifics of the new end-to-end encrypted backups.

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Image Credit: Facebook

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