Facebook Rolling Out End-to-End Encryption For Chats And Calls in Messenger

Today, a social media giant Facebook rolling out the support of end-to-end encryption security features for chats, audio, and video calls in Messenger.

The company is also planning to globally implement end-to-end encryption in Instagram direct messages and it will be started rolling out soon. Currently, end-to-end encryption for Instagram direct messages is only available to the limited groups of adults in some selected countries.

Facebook as of now released an end-to-end encrypted DM facility for Facebook Messenger users and to use the new security feature, you are required to have an existing chat or make sure to follow each other.

Facebook explained that the company will soon start the testing to bring the end-to-end encrypted conversation for audio and video one-to-one and group calls too in Facebook Messenger.

Now, your chats, audio, and video calls will completely be protected between sender and recipient with end-to-end encryption, so, no one, including Facebook, can’t be able to see or listen to what you sent or said in chats and, audio and video calls.

The social media giant also said, “We’ve been offered the end-to-end encryption security in the text chats since 2016, and in the past year, we’ve seen more usage of audio and video calling on Messenger with over 150 million video calls a day.

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Image Source: Facebook

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