Meta: Facebook Officially Transform Its Company Name

On October 28, at the Connect 2021 conference keynote, Facebook officially announced to change its metaverse company’s name to “Meta.”

The latest keynote is mainly aimed at “metaverse” – an augmented and virtual reality platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg interacted with other executives and the most of time, they mainly focused on the introduction of a completely new division with its mixed reality metaverse.

The new AR project will provide new ways to experience work, play, exercise, entertainment, and much more. The main focus of Meta is to bring metaverse to people’s lives and help them to connect with each other, find communities, and grow businesses with the next evolution in a long line of a social technology that couldn’t possible in the actual physical world.

Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed that the metaverse isn’t something that will be launching right now or even in the near future, it will take time to develop over the next decade. He also added that its company has a target to have 1 billion metaverse users in ten years.

Another primary segment of the keynote was the important rebranding from Facebook to Meta. Especially for renaming, Zuckerberg said the name best represents what it’s working beyond, being a metaverse and social technology company.

Moreover, the current world’s most liked and popular social media apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more will remain under the originator of Meta instead of Facebook.

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