Facebook Launched Reels in the United States

On Thursday, August 19, social media giant finally announced its most popular Reels facility to its primary Facebook app in the United States.

As per the report of The Verge, Facebook Reels appears in the News Feed and Groups for a few US users, where people can be able to watch them as the other short video platforms.

With this major step forward by one of the biggest social media giants, the company continuously making efforts to compete with the keep growing short video platform – TikTok which is the only one non-Facebook app that has recorded 3 billion downloads in App Store and became the most popular social app in 2020.

So, we have many different platforms to post short and long videos such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and now, Facebook Reels becomes another place to publish short and even long videos as well.

Long ago, the social media network started implementing the Snapchat Stories-like feature to its all platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. But the feature is currently only not available on Facebook Messenger.

With currently seeing a huge trend of short videos, it doesn’t seem more surprising the implementation of Facebook Reels. However, the company said the feature is already available in India, Canada, and Mexico, but now, it has started rolling out all across the United States.

However, the feature is currently only available for some users in the United States as part of testing but it will be rolling out widely soon.

Facebook has also announced to spend $1 billion on Facebook and Instagram creators by 2022, and on the other hand, its one of the major competitors YouTube has already announced to give $100 million Shorts Fund through 2022 who has been creating short videos on its platform.

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