Instagram Launched Creator Subscriptions As New Monetization Product

Today, Meta-owned world’s most popular photo and video sharing platform launched the new Creator Subscriptions specifically in the United States as of now.

The all-new functionality on the platform becomes another source to monetize the creativity of Instagrammers by allowing users to pay for getting advantage of seeing exclusive Stories and Live videos from selected creators.

As reported by TechCrunch, Instagram is currently testing the Creator Subscriptions feature with a total of 10 creators in the US, who are freely permitted to set the subscription pricing for their accounts ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per month.

The new feature on Instagram was first spotted through in-app purchases options for Instagram Subscriptions on the App Store and these subscriptions are now officially live for the limited number of people in the country.

Instagram users who subscribed to their favorite creators’ accounts will be able to access subscriber-exclusive content posted by the creator, including Stories and Live streams, while subscribers will get purple badges which helps them to highlight in comments, direct messages, and Instagram Live.

As the company told the publication, all of the earned money is directly sent to creators, Instagram will not collect any revenue share at least as of 2023 with a view to helping creators to “make a living” platform with monetization products.

As the money-making Creator Subscriptions feature is currently in the testing stage for very few users in the particular country, it may take significant time to become accessible to all Instagram creators across the world.

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