Instagram Head Announced Platform’s Key Priorities for 2022

On Tuesday, December 28, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri announced primary priorities for 2022 on the Meta-owned photo and video sharing social networking platform.

In a video shared by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri on Twitter, he first announced the company’s general goals and major priorities, a more focus on videos with Reels and more controls on the platform like sensitive content control, hide like counts, and enhancements in messaging, transparency, and creativity especially for 2022.

Mosseri recap all-new features, updates, and changes that have been done through a whole year.

"A lot happened on Instagram as well - a lot of different areas but two important themes were video, our focus on Reels, starting consolidate out video formats, build new creative tools and control, giving people more ways to shape Instagram into what's the best for them with things like sensetive content control, with ability to hide like counts, with extending hidden words to DMs."

And for 2022, Instagram is going to have to rethink its platform as the world is changing, extensive focus on videos, messaging, transparency, and creators. And here’s whats Adam Mosseri said about each of the primary priorities for Instagram for 2022.

Instagram Reels and Videos
"we're doubling down on our focus on 'videos,' we're no longer just a photo-sharing app, and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product."
Messages on Instagram
"We're also going to focus a lot on 'Messaging,' Messaging is the primary way people connect online and we think Instagram can be the best place for people to connect with their friends about their interests. And Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is that primary form of communication."
"We're going to not only on our work on contrast but expand into doing more around 'Transparency.' We think it's important that people understand how Instagram works if they're going to shape it into what they want or what best for them."
Instagram Creators
"An you're going to see continue focus on 'creators.' They're forfronte of the shift in power that we're seeing across the industries from institutions to individuals. And one of the most important things that we can do is help them to make a living in our platform and so there will be a number of new creator monetization products - ways to help creators o make. A living on our platform that I'm particularly excited about coming out next year."
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