Instagram Testing Outage Alert and Account Status

Facebook-owned popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram has announced its testing on the new features including outage alert and account status.

Outage Alert Notification

Learning from two outages this week, Facebook officially announced the new outage alert/notification in the blog post with claiming that the company will now send alert notifications. When the outage will happen, the team behind the social network will send you a quick alert notification that the app is experiencing technical issues.

The company also notes users will not be notified every time during the outage, this action is only taken for more serious technical issues in the company’s servers, affecting a huge number of users at the same time.

On Monday, 4th October, the world’s major social media networks went down for over six hours owing to a major DNS issue and as a result, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has faced the loss of $6 billion. During the outage, around 70 million users shifted to another instant messaging service – Telegram.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram once again went down a few days later but thankfully, this time, the issue was addressed in less than two hours.

Account Status

Alongside this, Instagram is also working on the development of the new “Account Status” to provide in-detail information about why the user’s post has been removed or the account has been suspended.

The user also appeals by tapping on “Request a Review” when he/she believes that the decision of the company is made by mistake or it’s unfair.

Starting next month, all these new features will begin tested to the limited number of users in the United States, and the company says, if it makes sense, it will expand to more people.

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