Instagram Renaming Close Friends to Selected People

On September 29, the world’s most popular photo and video sharing platform announced a new change for Stories renaming with “Selected People” from Close Friends.

According to the report of 9to5Mac, starting today, Close Friends on Instagram will be called ‘Selected People’ which is just a naming variation, which will allow users to select exactly who can see a few of their Stories for 24 hours.

Meaning the ‘Selected People’ works the same as the ‘Close Friends’ feature on Instagram, so, there is no difference between both of them apart from naming.

It is worth noting that this feature is different from “Exclusive Stories” that was discovered by a leaker Alessandro Paluzzi back in June. The “Exclusive Stories” is for Instagrammers to charge for exclusive content, which is similar to Twitter’s Super Follow feature.

As the ‘Selected People’ works the same as Close Friends, you can add or remove your followers from the list of the selected people who are only users to see your specific stories.

Basically, the ‘Selected People’ is developed mainly to provide important information to the limited and selected number of people. And here’s how it works:

  • After creating a story, tap the Share button
  • Choose “Selected People” to view all your followers who can see your Story
  • You can add and remove followers from the list of the Selected People
  • Your list will remain unchanged until you edit it again.

As per the report, the new test is currently only limited in Brazil and it is unclear when it will be available for all users in more countries. But the featured post seems it will first launch for iOS users.

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