Twitter Recorded Spaces Now Available for Listening to Everyone

Today, the world’s leading microblogging platform Twitter has officially released a new feature to allow to listen to recorded Spaces for all Twitter users.

On Tuesday, December 7, Twitter Support officially announced in a tweet that Twitter Spaces is now available to record for some users and listen to the record Spaces for everyone on Twitter for Android, iOS, and web.

Some updates on recorded Spaces: 

- The option to record a Space is available for some hosts on both iOS and Android.
- The option to listen to a recording of a Space is available for everyone on iOS, Android, and now web!

As mentioned by the company, the option to record a Twitter Spaces is currently only available for a limited number of users on iOS and Android but there is no limit for listening to recorded Spaces, meaning any user with a Twitter account can attend Spaces from all operating systems.

Lucky users who receive the new feature can start hosting recorded Spaces by tapping “Record Space” just before selecting “Start a Space,” which will allow all users to hear it even after it has been completed.

Users who join a Space can identify recorded Space by seeing a ‘Rec’ button with a red dot at the top of the Space view. And once it is finished, it can also be shared but only on Twitter.

Previously, the company only allows users to join a Space without any facility to listen to it after it has been finished but it is now possible as Twitter continuously adding new considerable features to engage more people on its platform, including Ticketed Spaces, which let hosts make money for accessing a live chat room.


How to Start Hosting Recorded Spaces?

1. Open Twitter on Android or iOS.
2. Tap Tweet compose or the new Spaces icon (multiple circles forming a diamond shape) in a Home timeline.
3. Tap ‘Record Space,’ then ‘Start a Space.’
4. (And once you ended it, it would be sharable and available for replay for all users.)

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