Telegram Brings Hyper-Speed Scrolling, Global Chat Themes, and more on iOS

On 3rd November, the cloud-based instant messaging platform Telegram released a new iOS update to bring some new features, including hyper-speed scrolling, global chat themes, and more.

Hyper-Speed Scrolling

The Shared Media, including photos, videos, files, and music that have been stored in Telegram’s unlimited cloud storage, where Telegram added a new date bar on the side of the page that can be dragged up and down to scroll shared media in a much faster way by pinch to zoom in and out to lots of small squares per row.

Global Chat Themes

All 8 Global Chat Themes are now available for an entire iOS app (Android will get soon) that was previously only limited to set for individual chats.

Appearance Settings have been fully redesigned, giving these themes center stage. Built by the Telegram Team, every theme has a Day and Night mode, colorful animated background and gradient message bubbles.

Like all themes, you can personalize these designs and tweak the colors or change the pattern. For more options and custom settings, tap ‘Chat Themes’ to edit and share your creations.
Calendar View

In order to find media for the particular time, tap on the date bar to open a calendar interface with a media preview for each day, then tap on the specific date to see all media of that day. Users can now also filter shared media for showing only photos, only videos, or both.

Tap the header in any chat and scroll down to view shared media and tap on the three-dotted menu icon iOS (and Android) to open the new menu.

Invite Links to Join Group or Channel

You can provide invite links to users to join your group or channel, when you create additional links for your chat, there is now a new Request Admin Approval settings to allow admins to get more control over who can join the group or channel and see the chat.

For example, you could post an invite link to your poetry channel on social media – then approve only your close friends and people in purple to see your writing.
Unique Names for Invite Links

In the “Additional Invite Links” section, Admin Approval can be applied to any link, so, Telegram added the functionality to give all those links unique names for a better organization that is especially helpful when using invite links such as limits on duration, number of users, and more.

Transit Times for Share Locations

While sending your location or the location of the place where you want to go by attachment menu and shared location, it now shows how much travel time (transit time) it will take to get there by foot, car, or public transport.

Transit times are now shown for both static and live locations to see how long it will take to meet your friends while they are on the move. However, you have to open your preferred app to see detailed directions or get a taxi to the location.

Interactive Emojis

The new update brings on iOS some new interactive emojis that can be used in any private chat, you can also tap the emoji to see its full-screen effect. Moreover, you and your partner both can see the effects and feel vibrations simultaneously.

Instant Media Captions
The text you type in the message bar now automatically converts to a caption when you attach media, so you'll never have to retype or cut and paste what you just wrote. This also works with Cloud Drafts – so you can type out the message on your computer, then simply attach the photo from your phone and send it all together.
Updated Settings to Match iOS 15

Telegram app settings have been redesigned to match the iOS 15-style design, including Sticker settings and streamlined Notifications. Telegram says the ‘Devices’ section now provides you a clearer overview of your active sessions with new icons.

Note: Some of these features will be released on Android in the upcoming software updates.

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